Pioneers in Clean Energy

Pioneers in Clean Energy

About Abio Power

Abio Power, a privately held organisation situated its HQ in Larnakos Avenue 62, Aglantzia 2101, Nicosia, Cyprus, understands the urgent global need to transition from polluting and expensive hydrocarbon-based electricity generation to renewable energy sources to combat climate change and reduce our carbon footprint.

State-of-the-art technologies now enable the generation of electricity from abundant and clean resources such as sun, wind and water; by efficiently harvesting and storing energy from these renewable resources, we ensure that the energy provided is not only sustainable with significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions, but also more economical.


Company No. HE 407791

TSOC Supplier No. 2056

TSOC Participant No. 10056

Supplier License No. ΠΘ17-2020

ABIO POWER Directors & Secretaries:

Dr. Irakli Bukhiashvili | CEO @ Abio Power
Prof. George Karagiorgis | COO @ Abio Power
Kyriaki Ioannou | Company Secretary @ Abio Power

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Our vision
Our vision
Driving the Green Energy Revolution in Cyprus.
We’re not just imagining a future fueled by renewable energy – we’re creating it.
Our mission

Our mission is to integrate renewable energy into every aspect of our society, setting the pace as a leading supplier and producer of clean, green energy.

Prof. George Karagiorgis

COO @ Abio Power

“With the global increase in energy demand comes the responsibility to produce energy sustainably, and consume energy efficiently”